Month: 2月 2010

a podcast by “manekinekod”

Several days ago, an athene musician e-mailed me saying that she wanted to use my work for her podcast commissioned by an art festival. She is a cute greek girl, and is also the mother of two projects, Manekinekod and Magnitophono.You can listen to the podcast here, where she put my work as the first track.
Thanks, Eleni.

The “Manekinekod”‘s podcast features a work by Kyo Ichinose

This month, London-based Alpha-ville festival presents a podcast curated by Manekinekod, who is a talented greek musician. The podcast includes “engine#6” by Kyo Ichinose, as the 1st track. Please check Kyo’s sound amongst a diverse range of artists.


ギリシャ人音楽家ManekinekodのキュレーションによるPodcastに一ノ瀬響の作品”engine#6#が収録されました。このポッドキャストはロンドンのサウンド&アートのフェスティバル”Alpha-ville festival”の提供によるものです。下記リンクから(英語のみ)お聴きいただけます。



I wanted to go further for no reason, and went to Fuji Goko( fuji five lakes).
It is “off season” so there were few tourists but the scenery was phenomenal.
Anyway, I am now making music “for myself”, means, it is not a work someone ask me for.
These 2 years, I’ve hardly had this kind of time, so I enjoy these feelings a lot.
It will take a little till you can listen to them, could you please wait for a while?