Sound Works

Waiting for the wind

“Waiting for the wind / 風を待つ部屋”(2006) is an installation work by Kyo Ichinose and living world.

waiting for the wind

“There is nothing in the exhibition room, but a wide pale blue curtain and electric music flowing in the wind. The music is being generated here by a PC program which is constantly receiving the wind data from a wind sensor, capturing the velocity and direction of the wind. this work was exhibited at “STARNET” in Mashiko-cho, Tocihgi, Japan in summer 2006.We would like to express our gratitude the Kanasai Electric Power Company and GK TECH inc. for their cooperation.”

“Further Than “Lontano””

“Further Than “Lontano””(2005) is a multi channel sound installation work with live performances based on Kyo Ichinose’s album “Lontano”.
further than lontano

16 Ocotber 2005 / Location: Asahi Art Square
Live: Kyo Ichinose + lontano string quartet (Wakako Hanada, Nina Furukawa, Hisami Nakajima, Seigen Tokuzawa)

Kyo Ichinose, whose second album ‘lontano’ was released in November 2004, presented a sound installation employing a multi-speaker system with eight channels that takes the audience to a world far away from ‘lontano’. As well, Kyo Ichinose and the lontano string quartet gave a live performance. A unique soundscape emerged at the Art Square.

Produced by: Kyo Ichinose, P3 art and environment
Supported by: Fujitu Ten Inc., Eclipse
Organized by: Asahi Cafe Night Committee
Special Sponsor: Asahi Breweries

2005年10月16日 / 会場:アサヒ・アートスクエア
LLive:一ノ瀬響+lontano strings quartet(花田和加子、古川仁菜、中島久美、徳沢青弦)

2004年11月にセカンドアルバム『lontano』をリリースした一ノ瀬響が、8チャンネルのマルチスピーカシステムを使って、『lontano』のさらに遠くへと誘うサウンドインスタレーションを発表。一ノ瀬響とlontano strings quartetによるライブも行われ、かつてないユニークな音空間がアートスクエアに広がった。

制作:一ノ瀬響、P3 art and environment