Month: 3月 2010


I’ve just started using twitter.
please follow me though I will tweet mostly in Japanese.

It feels like I’m a composer…

Last month, I wrote i was working for my solo work, but this week I’ve been working fully as a composer, and suddenly I felt “It feels like I’m a professional composer..??”. And that idea was very funny for me so I took a picture of my desktop.
Today we recorded my work for a commercial film with strings(Shinozaki group), harp(Asakawa-san), and piano(Me). I left my iPhone in my car during the recording session, so I couldn’t take any photos….
Before the session began, a girl called me “Hey, Kyo-chan”, and i was very surprised and happy to see one of my classfellow in my university, a beautiful viola player. It’s a pleasure running into an old friend at a place of work.

Waiting for the wind

“Waiting for the wind / 風を待つ部屋”(2006) is an installation work by Kyo Ichinose and living world.

waiting for the wind

“There is nothing in the exhibition room, but a wide pale blue curtain and electric music flowing in the wind. The music is being generated here by a PC program which is constantly receiving the wind data from a wind sensor, capturing the velocity and direction of the wind. this work was exhibited at “STARNET” in Mashiko-cho, Tocihgi, Japan in summer 2006.We would like to express our gratitude the Kanasai Electric Power Company and GK TECH inc. for their cooperation.”