Month: 1月 2015

“The Machineries of Joy 2015” out!


作曲家、一ノ瀬響の原点にして唯一無二の傑作1stアルバム「よろこびの機械」(2002年)が13年の時を経て新装リリースされました。オリジナルリリース時の録音素材により作られた新曲”Angelic overflow”を新たに収録し、全編リマスタリング。さらに美術家・小阪淳がアートワークを手がけ、全ての楽曲に対し1点ずつCGを描き下ろしたビジュアルブック付きの豪華仕様となります。

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“The Machineries of Joy 2015″ is a re-issue of Tokyo’s renown composer Kyo Ichinose’sone and only 1st album originally published in 2002. All tracks remastered, and specially for this re-release contains his dreamy brand new track “Angelic overflow” which was composed using the sounds from the original recordings he made at that time. The CD comes with a renewed packaging as a 182mm x 257mm size full-color visual book, including CG images for each tracks produced by fine artist Jun Kosaka. Ambient, modern classical music, electronica…. all of these genre names are useless when confronting against this eternal masterpiece.

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